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Business Hours

Monday-Friday  9:30am-5:45pm

Saturday  9:00am-12:45pm

Sunday:  Closed


Men's/Boy's Haircut: $12.00

Women's/Girl's Haircut: $14.00

Bangs Cut: $5:00

Beard trim:  $4.00

**Please note: We accept cash and check only.

Leeanne Schmidt

Jason and Leeanne SchmidtLeeanne Schmidt, Owner and Stylist, at Just Cuts has cut hair for more than 20 years. More than 18 years of that time was spent right here in Holland at the former shop she bought out. She specializes in men's cuts, but also caters to many female clients. Leeanne loves her loyal customers. Some of them are almost family after all the years they have faithfully been her customer.

Leeanne is married to the famous Racin' Jason from West Michigan Mud Runs, and has one son. Jason's love for mud and speed; and her son Justin's need to climb (He is an avid rock climber) and loves to do almost anything athletic; keep Leeanne very busy! Leeanne loves to swim in her spare time as well as spend time outdoors with her two dogs.

She earned her Cosmetology License in Newport News, Virginia. Leeanne worked at Newport News Barber Shop for 3 and a half years, learning many different military styles and cuts. She can cut and style hair for any age group ranging from small infants to cute grandpas. Beard trims and bang trims are just a couple of the things you can ask for at the Holland Just Cuts.

Jennifer Stryker

Jennifer PictureJennifer Stryker has been cutting hair for 13 years in West Michigan. She received her Cosmetology License from Booker Institute of Cosmetology in Hudsonville, Michigan. She has been working in this very spot for nearly 10 years. Jennifer specializes in men's hair cuts, but also has a large clientele of women. She is married and has two sons.

Jennifer is a driven stylist that loves doing hair, especially clients where she can be creative and design something new for her guests. She loves to be around people and make them feel their very best at all times which is something that follows her into her career.

Jennifer is a DIY fanatic! She does everything from painting furniture to creating new decor for her home. She also enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends in her spare time.